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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings

My dear blogging friend, Judy over at A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings, hosts this meme every Wednesday. Simply list five things (or a prayer or any thoughts) for which you are truly thankful this week. Voicing my thanks helps put my life in perspective & realize that, no matter how bad things might be, there is still MUCH good surrounding me.

1) I'm thankful that we are (HOPEFULLY) getting all the colds & illnesses out of the way this week so that we can have an illness-free Christmas! (See...I'm finding the positives in the negatives this week!)

2) I'm thankful for my dear husband who has been starting the coffee maker for me the past few mornings. Because of everyone being sick, I've not been sleeping well & have been sleeping in some. So, having the coffee all ready for me when I come downstairs is WONDERFUL!

3) I'm thankful for a beautiful funeral & celebration of life on Saturday for my best friend's mom. Casinodad, The Prophet, & I were able to participate per her wishes. Casinodad was a pallbearer, The Prophet was one of the servers, & I sang, leading former members of the folk group we used to belong to. (And my dad, who is a deacon, gave a beautiful homily. I think it's always nice when the homilist knows the family & the dearly departed...it gives a personal tone to the homily.)

4) I'm thankful the Holy Spirit was w/ me for the previously mentioned singing. Her mom wanted me to sing Schubert's Ave Maria & I was able to do it w/out breaking down.

5) I'm thankful that The Archangel passed his review w/ our parish's deacon & will make his first Reconciliation this evening.


hip-chick said...

I's sorry to hear of your friends passing and also that you all have been sick. I am glad you are on the mend. It's amazing what fresh coffee can do for one's attitude.

Colleen said...

Great list! How great that hubby made coffee! Hope you are all on the mend. I do not know how you sang Ave Maria without breaking down. Definitely the Holy Spirit! Praying for Archangel for his First Reconciliation. What a day! What a week! Hugs!

Eileen said...

I just bought a beautiful little snow angel in a glass bubble that you shake for my mother for Christmas. It plays Ave Maria when you wind it up. (I also used it to teach my 4 year old about the Annunciation!) Also, I know it is very hard to not feel well and we will send prayers your way.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Oh! Your background is so cute!
I am so glad that you were able to participate in such a special way in laying your "mom" to rest...I would sure love to hear you sing! Perhaps that Ave Maria will make it to youtube some day!!
I just love your whole list and I'm so grateful for your participation in this meme:)