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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Small Successes


Danielle Bean says, "It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that."

1) Every day this week, we've taken a 1/2 hour walk around our neighborhood...well, I walked, but the older munchkins rode their bikes & The Saint rode his stroller. The weather has been great. My mom even joined us this morning & she's planning to join us more often (either walking our neighborhood or meeting at a park).

2) There was a bunch of detergent residue in the dishwasher so I ran a quick wash w/ about a cup of vinegar. While that was running & I had the vinegar out, I decided to mix some vinegar w/ water & run it through the coffee pot. It's amazing what a little vinegar can do (although I have to admit that I DO NOT like it for cleaning windows, but that's another post I'm working on for the near future...cleaning supplies & how we save money!)

3) I cleaned out our bedroom storage closet. We have two closets in our bedroom. The storage one is where The Saint originally slept for the first year of his life (it IS large enough for the crib & a small bookshelf we used for clothes). Since we moved him into his sister's room, the closet became a place to dump anything we didn't know what to do w/ at the time. It's still got a lot of junk in it, but at least it's organized.

Hey...it's your turn now! Check out Faith & Family Live for more successes & to share your own!


Lynn said...

Congrats on getting out there to walk. I love that the older ones ride their bikes while you do this.

Faith on the High Wire said...

Oh, how I should be following suit with the exercise! That is a great success indeed! Keep it up!

Hannah said...

Family walks are so much fun! This time of year is perfect for it!
I am extremely interested in your uses of vinegar. Are you using homemade cleaners that have less harsh chemicals for cleaning? It sounds cheaper and healthier! I can't wait to read more about what you are doing!
I have a whole room not just a closet that needs cleaned! Our dash and stash room is piled high.
Congratulations on a VERY successful week!

Grace said...

Wow, you inspire me to not only get outside and get moving, but also to tackle some of those cobwebs up in the high corners of my front hall, and that would be just the beginning. Great job!

Mary said...

LOVE #2. I have to do the same thing this weekend. Thanks for entering my giveaway! I will announce the winner tonight. I extended for 24 hours.
Thanks for asking me to do the meme. I really have to think about the question but i promise to get it up this weekend...while my coffee pot is cleaning!
Have a fabulous week!

Nicole said...

I need to start using vinegar to clean. I hate using the products all full of chemicals, especially being pregnant, and with a little one at home!

Farmer's City Wife said...

Okay... totally dumb question, but where did you put the vinegar? I can't fit a cup of anything into my detergent dispenser... did you just pour it in the bottom or something?

Congrats on a great week! :-D

Monica said...

Love vinegar, it is always my go to...but I LOVE it for windows. Hmmmm..

You can mix vinegar (4 tbsp) borax (2 tsp) and warm water 4 cups) then put it in a spray bottle and use it as a disinfectant. I keep several of these in bathrooms for daily use on counters/toilets/tubs.

Great successes!