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Monday, October 29, 2012

YAY - A New Meme! - Homeschool Blessings


 I'm so excited to participate in Judy's new meme...Homeschool Blessings. 

Judy says, "It's easy! It's fun! And, it gives you a chance to reflect on the blessings, joys, and adventures of your homeschooling life!

Want to participate, too? Stop by her blog (link above) every Monday, add the above image to your blog post, & share your homeschool blessings & joys. Don't have a blog? No problem...just head over to her blog post each Monday & list your blessings & joys in the comments section.

1) I am blessed to be able to learn alongside my children each day. While I was an above average student in most of my classes, I don't remember much AT ALL.

2) I can cater school lessons to each child's abilities & strengths instead of teaching to the average student in the class. I can also provide all the one-on-one attention they may need in various areas.

3) Anything can become a school lesson...walks in the park, baking in the kitchen, even watching city workers resurface the street in front of our house!

4) Along w/ #2, I can cater to The Archangel's ADHD impulsiveness & figgity-ness. He can sit upside-down on a chair when I read aloud in the morning or take more frequent breaks to shake out his wiggles.

5) My students (my dear Blessings) don't have to wait for the whole class to be finished w/ an assignment before moving on to the next subject. They can work at their own pace & are usually done w/ their individual work before lunch!  


Judy Dudich said...

As I read your list, I am nodding my head! SO TRUE, all! I am so glad that your son, especially, has the opportunity to reach his full potential because of the environment and atmosphere you are able to provide for his needs, in homeschooling! I just love the image of you guys watching the road crew! COOL! Thanks for joining this new meme:)