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Friday, October 26, 2012

Thank God for Our Guardian Angels

UPDATE: Several people have asked if I have contacted the police department. My primary concern yesterday morning was getting us away from there & home safely. I did call the police department this afternoon so they could have the information on file.

Yesterday morning, after I picked The Prophet up from his band practice, we stopped at Aldi to pick up a few things. As I was getting The Saint out of his car seat, The Prophet went to get our cart for us. When we joined him, I noticed a white car driving up to where the carts were & the driver's side door was open. The driver honked his horn at us, which I ignored & quickly ushered the Blessings inside. The Prophet said the man was waving his arm, gesturing him over to the car.

We went down the first aisle, grabbing a few snacks. I skipped the middle two aisles because I just wanted a few things & didn't want to be tempted by any other goodies. As we started down the fourth aisle, The Prophet said that the man from the white car was stalking us. For some reason (most likely my Guardian Angel's nudge) I believed him right away & didn't question what could have been his over-active imagination.

When The Archangel asked if he could go back to the first aisle to get a snack we'd forgotten, I said no. We didn't need it & I just wanted to get going. My "spidey senses" were on alert as we hurriedly finished our shopping. 

We checked out & as we were walking toward the door, The Prophet motioning toward the 2nd aisle quietly said, "There he is!" I just caught a glimpse of the man before we quickly left the store. His car was parked about four spaces from ours, so I kept a close eye on the store's door until we were safely out of the parking lot

On the way home, The Archangel told me how he had glanced over at the man in the store & that the man quickly averted his eyes when he noticed The Archangel looking at him

The Prophet first noticed the man when we were almost at the end of the first aisle. He was about half an aisle behind us, pushing a cart & darting his eyes from side to side. The Prophet waited until we'd gone to another aisle before saying anything because he didn't want the man to hear him.

I was VERY proud of The Prophet & how he handled the situation. He knew not to approach the man & was constantly aware while we were in the store. Also, all of my dear Blessings were on their best behavior & seemed to know that we were trying to get through the store as quick as possible.
This sparked another conversation on how to be safe. We talked about what to do if someone is following you. NEVER go straight to your home! Go to a business or preferably a police station if one is near.
To think that this man had the audacity to try to approach The Prophet while other people were around scares me to death. Our Blessings have been told from a VERY young age not to go to strangers, but what about those children who have not been taught the same? The news lately has been filled w/ stories of abduction. 

Parents...please, please, PLEASE teach your children about the dangers of strangers, especially this time of year w/ Hallowe'en approaching. Even in crowded areas, criminals are there...lurking, watching, waiting for an opportunity to strike

Thank God for our Guardian Angels watching over us yesterday!


Mom to 5 Boys said...

Wow! Super scary! Glad your 'spidey senses' were oh alert. Never doubt the spidey senses. I'm amazed he still went in the store with you around. Usually once they see an adult they leave.

Christine said...

Did you report this to the police? Your family may have escaped him, but someone else's family may now become his victim.

Maria said...

I called them this afternoon, Christine, so they could have our information on file.

Judy Dudich said...

Praise God that you are all safe and well...and TWO BIG THUMBS UP to your brave and alert son; who did ALL the right things! We had a man try to take the little girl who lives across the road from us, last year...but, a neighbor, down the street saw what was happening and RAN up the hill, shouting for her to get away from the road...the car sped off. On another occasion, when BOTH of my teens were out for walk/hike (we have lots of good mountain hills around here) a man approached them and asked them to get in his car and told them he would ride them home. Needless to say, they were (unfortunately) no longer allowed to take their afternoon walks off-the-property any more. Good thing we have trails and lots of land to walk on right here, at home. Anyway, I am so sorry that your family experienced this...but am taking it as a reminder to keep a vigilant watch on our surroundings when I go places. THANK YOU.