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Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Bargain Shopping!

Next month, my SIL is getting married & we are extremely happy for her & her fiance. They are a great couple. They want the munchkins to be in their wedding, so today she & I took them shopping for their outfits. I had done a little research online & was expecting to spend about $150 on suits for the boys. We stopped at Value City & the smallest size they had in suits was an eight. We found one that looks great on The Prophet & it was on clearance for $32 (jacket & pants). I think he has a shirt that will work with the suit, so all we need now is a tie for him.

For The Archangel, we found a four-piece set that includes a dress shirt, pants, vest, & matching tie. He's five years old now, but is still a little guy, so the 4T fit him perfectly! His outfit was a whopping $16.

SIL had been looking at flower girl dresses online & was planning to spend around $60. We found two dresses for The Princess & she volunteered to buy both of them - for a grand total of $30! One she will wear in the wedding & the other will be a great church dress. I may even have her wear it to the rehearsal dinner.

So, for less than $90, we bought a boy's suit, a boy's set, & two toddler dresses. Isn't bargain shopping great!? I'll post pictures of them after the wedding.