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Monday, August 10, 2015

Light in the Darkness

"All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle." ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Let us be that single candle, spreading light into a dark world!

Welcome to my Light in the Darkness meme! (If you missed my post on the inspiration for this meme, you can read all about it HERE.)

This is the place to share good things that are happening in our world...whether it's a link to a news article/video, something from your personal experience...anything good that can bring light into darkness!
One of my favorite things to share here in this weekly link-up is when I personally observe some wonderful act of kindness. That happened just this past Thursday at work.

We have a new resident who is deaf & in rehab for some type of head trauma. That night, she was extremely agitated & trying to get out the front of the building. She had a nurse's aide watching her one-on-one, but kept signing & motioning for the aide to leave her alone. Another aide came to say that the nurse was trying to get a hold of her family.

We have another resident who has been there for about five or six months. He's in his mid-forties & also there for rehab. He's often found helping other residents in some way or another, despite his own aches & pains.

On this particular night, he was coming inside, noticed this woman's agitation, & approached her. He calmly spoke to her & gradually guided her to one of the chairs by the fireplace. Then he pulled up another chair & sat down w/ her, all the while talking to her & gesturing to make sure she could understand him. 

At one point, he had to step back outside for a bit to help another resident, but before doing so, explained to this woman that she should stay there & he'd be right back. Sure enough, he came back a few minutes later to sit w/ her. 

This man has repeatedly shown compassion & kindness towards many of the residents, but this was one of the best displays I've seen from him. He had such patience & understanding w/ this woman. I was amazed at how quickly she calmed in his presence.