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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Catholic Company Review: Praying the Rosary for Intercession

While I am a Cradle Catholic, the Rosary has not always been something I prayed regularly. In fact, it's only been within the past few years that it has become a part of my prayer life.

When I saw Praying the Rosary for Intercession by Catherine M. Odell on the list from the Catholic Company's review books, I was immediately drawn to it for two reasons. One, it's about praying the Rosary & I'm always interested in new ways to focus my prayer. Two, I previously reviewed one of Ms. Odell's books for The Catholic Company (Those Who Saw Her: Apparitions of Mary) & was quite pleased with it.

Intercessory prayer has been around since Old Testament times...think of Abraham pleading with God on behalf of Sodom & Gomorrah. So, while the idea of intercessory prayer is not new to us, perhaps praying the Rosary as a means of intercession may be for some.

The introduction gives the reader suggestions on how to use the book. It is followed by sections on intercessory prayer and the history of the Rosary.

Then comes the meat of the book, four sections which break down each of the four mysteries of the Rosary. Each section has the scripture passage for that particular part of the mystery, a reflection on the historical background or explanation, The Rosary in Our Lives (which gives a real life experience or story related to the mystery), a prayer, & a list of suggested intentions to help focus your meditation.

The last section explains how to pray the Rosary & includes all the prayers used. It also serves as a quick reference, repeating the prayers & intentions for each mystery that were listed earlier in the book.

I really liked the way this book was laid out. It was easy to read & understand. Whether you're new to praying the Rosary or have prayed the Rosary all your life, I think you will gain many wonderful insights on the power of intercessory prayer through the Rosary.

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