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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is Love?

One recent Saturday at work, K (one of the ladies from the kitchen) came up to the front office. She grabbed a sheet of paper & a Sharpie, then wrote in large letters at the top, "WHAT IS LOVE?" Another of the kitchen employees wanted to know, either for a class or just for his own interest (I can't remember which), so K was helping him out by asking around. She left the paper w/ me & said she'd be back for it later.

What is Love?

WOW! That's a BIG question w/ so many different answers...as we found out w/ this little exercise. I sat & pondered for a while. He only needed a brief sentence or two, but there was no way I could narrow such a large topic down. So, I did the best I could.

K came up later to pick mine up. She read it over & gave me a thumbs-up, but I didn't have a chance to talk to her at that time because I was about to give a tour of the facility.

She stopped by the office on her way out that afternoon & told me what others had said.

* One person likened love to the pain of a lightning bolt striking your stomach. (This was a person who's been married for about 20 years & apparently it's not a happy marriage.)

* One single lady said, "I love money."

* K said something about feeling flutters, like butterfly wings, in your chest.

When the young man from the kitchen got to mine he said, "I just wanted a sentence, but she wrote book! A good one, but it's a book!"

So, what did I say? I don't remember it word-for-word & am now wishing I'd made a copy first, but the following is similar to my response.

Love is a choice -- choosing to stay with someone after the initial infatuation wears off; choosing to stick w/ that person through good times & bad.

Love is that sweet toddler cupping your face in his chubby little hands & smothering your cheeks w/ kisses.

Love is your child choosing to do something to help you out, even when you didn't ask.

But above all,

Unconditional, Everlasting, & Fulfilling

The following song is one of my favorites about love...


Carol@simple_catholic said...

I think you gave the perfect answer. That's what I think love is too - a choice. Love is a choice that we make each and every day in the nitty-gritty messiness of living with others.

I also love your last statement: "Love is God and God is love." Amen!

God bless.

Colleen said...

Love this. And I agree that love is a choice.
Over 33 years, there have been times that I had to choose to love my husband no matter what. No such thing as falling out of love.
"God is love" - one of my favorites!

I checked the Word verification for comments and it was marriage! LOL

munchesmom said...

Thank you both for your kind comments, Carol & Colleen.

Love your word verification, Colleen...so fitting!