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Friday, November 16, 2007

Allergies? Me?

Okay, remember my post last month about how I have this thing about shots & needles? Well, this morning I went for an allergy test. Basically, it is just to cover all the bases from the ENT appointment I had a few weeks ago. Other than seasonal & a couple nuts, I've never had a major problem w/ allergies.

I had gone in because of fluid in my ear that I'd had for at least 5 months. At that appt., he didn't find any fluid, but he did discover that I have chronic sinusitis. No surprise there, but I've never had any major problems - maybe an infection once or twice a year & all the rest I took care of w/ OTC stuff. Anyway, he wanted me to see an allergist, have a CAT scan of my sinuses (this coming Monday), & start using a sinus rinse & a steroid spray.

Knowing that I would have the allergy test today, surprisingly I wasn't all worked up about it. Once she pricked my back w/ all the allergens, it didn't feel bad at all. In fact, it just felt like someone was scratching my back. She left the room & said the Dr. would be in shortly to check for the results. I still felt fine. I read my book for a bit, then all of a sudden, I started to feel strange - dizzy, cold sweat, dry mouth, slightly sick to my stomach. I put my book down, put my head between my knees, & pulled the trash can over (just in case!) I contemplated going to the door to ask for some water, but didn't think I'd make it w/out passing out. Next, I sat down on the floor & rested my head on my arms while leaning on the chair. That seemed to help & after a couple minutes, I felt fine. I know it wasn't a reaction to the test, just my own nerves I guess.

So now you want the results? The doctor walked in the room & said "Oh My!" (Yeah - that made me feel better?!?!) They use a four point scale in measuring the welts from the test & on my back there were about 3 welts that were 4++. The welts were about the size of a half dollar. & were for dust mites, ragweed, & grass. I wasn't surprised by the first two, but I'd never noticed a problem w/ grass. There were a couple other minor reactions (pets & histimines) & none for the nuts. She was concerned about the nuts because of the metallic taste I get in my mouth from certain ones. She wants me to keep an epi-pen on hand & to also have a blood test to check for the allergy since it didn't show up. She also suggested allergy shots, but I really don't see a need at this point. The seasonal allergies have never made me too uncomfortable & OTC meds seem to help the congestion from them. She want me to continue the sinus rinse & nasal spray.

Casinodad went through all this allergy testing about 7 months ago. He does the same treatment & the shots as well. He's been telling me since then that the sinus rinse would be great for me, but I just kept putting it off. He finds my situation humorous & keeps telling me "I told you so!" What a loving husband I have :)

Peace, Munchesmom